Why Join Lions?

Being a Lion means you never have to see a man, women, or child go without the gift of sight and know there is nothing you can do to help.

Being a Lion means you are willing to help your neighbor when they find themselves in a position that could jeopardize the health and well being of their family.

Being a Lion is knowing that every year you do your part to make your neighborhood, your town, and your state a better place to live.

Being a Lion means you can help ensure that no needy man, woman or child goes without eyeglasses and that you have a role in ensuring that no one ever suffers preventable blindness.

Being a Lion ensures that no person is in need of services that could be provided if only someone took the time to care. These things are possible because you make the effort to help and because you are willing to give of yourself.

This is why you should consider being a Lion.


Traditionally, membership into Lions Clubs is by invitation. Download the Club Membership Form

We have a club brochure that you can download and print. It is a two-page document formatted for printing on two sides of a single sheet of paper and folded in thirds.

Members invite prospective members to a regular meeting where they are told about the benefits of being a Lion and the rewards associated with volunteerism. Those who are interested in learning more about Lionism are encouraged to contact any member of the Club or to contact the Club membership committee via email at: Membership@AshlandLions.org